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Semana Santa

Semana Santa (Holy Week) is surely the most somber and sober of festivals in the busy Spanish party calendar. By and large the most extravagant in the provinces of Andalusia and Castilla-Leon (though observed all across Spain) Semana Santa is the week leading up to Easter Sunday. The traditions include city-wide processions, religious ...

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Barcelona Beer Festival

Did you know that the Spain consumes 70 liter of beer per capita per year? While the Czech Republic consumes nearly double that, Spain sets itself apart by being the country with the most land area of grape vines in the world while actually drinking more beer than wine every year! While ...

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Spanish Carnaval

The festival of Carnaval falls on different dates each year, as it is traditionally one week before Lent; a final, wild party before the fast that leads up to Easter. Carnaval is celebrated all over Spain, but the most famous, flamboyant, and authentic processions are found in Sitges (south of ...

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Every season brings something delicious to the tables of Barcelona, and winter is no exception. Calçots are a variety of onion, similar in appearance to a leek, but thinner. Did you know that when you buy a leek, the pale part at the base is white because it grew below the ...

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Three Kings Day

Christmas in Spain is a bright, festive affair, but when it comes to presents, Spanish children don’t await Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. No, instead of Saint Nicholas it is the Three Kings that bring gifts to children. On January 5th there is a vibrant procession of the gigantes through the center ...