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Study abroad programs

Study abroad programs have a unique opportunity to educate teens and college students from around the world about the beauty and culture of Spain and Catalonia.

Here at Barcelona Cooking, we enhance the cultural experience of your students by offering a custom-built curriculum about Spanish and Catalan cuisine. In such program, our visitors learn about the gastronomy and culture of each region in Spain, as well as participate in hands-on preparation of some of the classic dishes from each region.

We have experience developing extended, several-week programs, or one time visits. The menus are adapted to the specific needs of the cultural program, including duration, number of participants, and budget.

All our classes are taught in English by our bilingual professionally trained Spanish chefs. We have two teaching kitchens that can be utilized at the same time to accommodate larger groups.

We welcome Study abroad program organizers to contact us for more details. We will be happy to provide more information about what we can offer you.

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