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Mina Sohn and the Gift Project

Last month we had the pleasure and privilege of welcoming a group of 16 Korean visitors to the school, including Korean journalist and tv personality Mina Sohn and her team from SOHNMINA&CO. As part of the Gift Project iniciative and working alongside the Agencia Catalana de Turisme and Ediya Coffee, they had selected a group of under-privileged Korean youngsters to travel to Europe to experience the sights and sounds of these new surroundings, leaving their home country of South Korea for the very first time. The group, made up of young Koreans with social or family problems, joined us for one morning where they had the fresh and exciting chance to get up close with Spanish culture. We were very lucky to be selected as one of the activities during this trip and very much enjoyed learning from them as they did from us. 

During their time in Europe they were accompanied by a film crew and by Mina herself, who were keen to share the experience with Korean viewers back home. Since arriving back in Korea we have heard that the group are now planning to get together various times in the year to cook, and offer food to underprivileged people. We are happy to have met a group of people from the other side of the world who share our passion for food. We wish them all the very best, both in the kitchen and out!