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Mina Sohn and the Gift Project

Last month we had the pleasure and privilege of welcoming a group of 16 Korean visitors to the school, including Korean journalist and tv personality Mina Sohn and her team from SOHNMINA&CO. As part of the Gift Project iniciative and working alongside the Agencia Catalana de Turisme and Ediya Coffee, they had selected ...

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La fiesta de San Juan - Saint John the Baptist

Throughout the country, bonfires will be lit and fireworks released on June 23rd in what always proves to be one of the most vibrant holidays. This party which sees the streets fill with fire and color marks the midsummer and also honours Saint John the Baptist (San Juan). Most towns and cities ...

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Creativ Elena - Creative Tourism

At Barcelona Cooking, we are passionate about offering a unique, enjoyable and creative experience to the friends who come to cook with us. We love the opportunity to get ‘hands on’ and interactive in the kitchen. Those friends who come to Barcelona Cooking generally have a number of things in ...

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La Ruta del Cocido. Madrid 2015

Nearly every culture in the world has a hearty, home-style dish, cooked long and slow, that brings to mind childhood nights around the table with family and friends. In Madrid, this “motherly” dish is the humble “Cocido Madrileño”. The Cocido began as a meat-free stew cooked by sephardic jews in ...

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Leche de Pantera

Would you order a chilled glass of “Panther Milk”? What about “Pink Panther Milk”? Maybe not, but you would be missing a classic tavern drink with lots of history and plenty of bite. “Leche de Pantera” (Panther Milk) was first created in the 1920s by the Spanish Foreign Legion—a branch ...