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Christmas in Barcelona

Christmas in Barcelona has many unique traditions, however, one of the most important of all is the tradition of the yearly holiday meal of epic proportion—The Christmas Day Feast. The most typical Christmas meal in Catalunya begins with a soup of galets pasta and escudella i carn d’olla. The escudella ...

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Tots Sants

October 31st is a special day in many cultures, with candy, costumes, and parties being the primary traditions. But here in Barcelona, though American-style Halloween festivities have been steadily growing in popularity, the real cultural celebration is the following day; the holiday of Tots Sants. Tots Sants (All Saints Day), ...

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La Mercé

All throughout the summer across Catalunya, small towns and city neighborhoods hold their yearly festivals (or their Festa Major), usually lasting about a week and full of music, food, drinks, decorations, dancing, fireworks, family events, and markets. August saw the end of the neighborhood summer festivals with much anticipated Festa Major de Grácia; ...

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On the last Wednesday of August every year (August 28, 2013), as the Spanish sun continues to warm the bright province of Valencia, the small, countryside town of Buñol’s population more than quadruples. Some 45,000 travelers from across the globe converge on the central square of Buñol to dance, eat, ...

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The final countdown for the Sanfermines has begun. The city of Pamplona is adding final touches to the preparations for its main Fiesta. The start of nine days of non-stop partying will be announced at midday on the 6th of July by the setting off of the “Txupinazo”, a kind ...