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White Asparagus

Forget what you know about vegetables in a can! In Spain—specifically the northern region of Navarra—white asparagus is often times canned (or jarred) right after harvesting to preserve the delicate stalks at their point of optimal tenderness. White asparagus from Navarra isn’t cheap. A lot of labor goes into packing ...

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The Festival of “Migas“

Have you ever tried the typical Spanish tapa known as “Migas”? As basic as it gets, migas (crumbs) in Torrox are semolina flour sauteed in olive oil with garlic, salt, and a little bit of water (in other parts of Spain, diced bread is used). The flour fries and makes ...

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Orujo Festival of Potes, Cantabria

Fiesta del Orujo. Potes, Cantabria. The first week of November often brings a chill along the northern, Atlantic coast of Spain. In the region of Cantabria, sandwiched between Asturias to the west and Basque country to the east, the people of the town of Potes have been celebrating since 1984 ...

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The Saffron Festival of Consuerga

Saffron is expensive, but there is no substitute! This delicate thread (the stigma of a crocus flower) is produced in various corners of the globe, though the best comes from Spain—La Mancha to be exact! In the tiny town of Consuegra, surrounded by Cervantes-esque windmills on the plains of Castilla ...

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Mahón Cheese

On the island of Menorca, ceramic artifacts used in cheese production have been found that date back to the year 3000 B.C. Everyone from the Greeks and Carthaginians to the Moors and Aragonese noted in the annals of their collective histories the importance and quality of cheese from this tiny ...