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Cod and 'trampó' coca bread

For the base:

90ml water
90ml olive oil
360 gr flour
1 tsp raising agent


½ red pepper
½ green pepper
400 gr deboned cod
1 onion
2 pear tomatoes
10 currants
20 pine nuts


3 tbsp olive oil
18 cloves garlic
18 fillets anchovy
20 walnuts
½ ltr cream
½ ltr vegetable stock

First, we mix the base ingredients adding enough flour that the mixture becomes not too stiff. We leave it under a cloth to rest and, after a while, we roll out and cut into rectangle. We mark the rectangles with a fork and then we sprinkle with the finely chopped green and red pepper. We then place the bases on baking parchment and cook in a 170 degrees oven for 15 minutes.

Poach the cod in water alongside a bay leaf. Meanwhile we caramelize the onion which has been cut julienne and when it begins to take colour we add the currants, pine nuts and the cod, which has been drained. We then allow this mixture to cool. The tomatoes are cut finely.

To prepare the sauce, we start by chopping the garlic and gently cooking it in oil until it begins to soften. We must bear in mind that we are aiming to soften the flavours during this process. We remove from the heat and then process alongside the anchovies. We then add this mix to a large pot, and allow it to cook at medium heat for a few minutes. The cream and stock is then added and cooked for ten minutes to allow the flavours to combine.

We then top the pastry with the cod mixture and decorate with edible flowers.