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White Bean and Bacon Soup with Poached Quail Egg and Rosemary Flower Oil

Ingredients for 4 people:

•  400 gr of fresh pork bacon

•  2 black pudding sausages

•  3 Figueres onions

•  3 bay leaves

•  2 cayenne peppers

•  Salt

•  Black pepper

•  12 quail eggs

•  Water

•  White vinegar

•  200 g of white beans

•  1 slice of rustic bread

•  100 gr of cured Manchego cheese

•  1 branch of rosemary flower

•  Virgin olive oil

•  20 toasted pine nuts


Step 1:

Submerge the fresh bacon in water with salt, onion, black pepper and the bay leaf, and boil over a low heat until cooked. Drain and let cool. Keep the water used for the bacon and cook the previously soaked beans in it. Once cooked, blend until you get a creamy texture, adding the same cooking water bit by bit.

Step 2:

Poach the quail eggs in water with salt and vinegar.

Step 3:

Infuse the virgin olive oil with the rosemary leaves and cayenne pepper to flavour.

Step 4:

Make some crunchy toast with the rustic bread and cut some slices of Manchego cheese.

Step 5:

Cut the cooked bacon into your desired portion size and sauté it in a pan with cubes of the black pudding until you get a golden colour.

Serve your white bean soup with the bacon, black pudding, poached quail eggs, toast and slices of Manchego cheese.

Drizzle with the infused olive oil and decorate with rosemary flower petals.