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Salmon with dill sauce and steamed vegetables

Serves 4

350g salmon
200g broccoli
50g mangetout
50g asparagus
100g leeks
1 medium onion
100g mushrooms
50ml cream
50g fresh dill
50ml white wine
salt and pepper
olive oil


For the sauce: Chop the onion finely into brunoise, soften and then add the wine. Reduce. Add the dill which should be finely chopped, add the cream and let the flavours combine. Adjust with salt.

Vegetables: Steam vegetables separately, ensuring they remain al dente. The leeks should also be steamed and cut in rings.

Salmon: Remove the skin, cut in supremes and then into cubes. Add a little oil to the pan, sear on all sides. Season.

Build the plate using the sauce as your base, the salmon on top and the vegetables as a garnish.